• Tailoring Business Plans

    | blog | April 14, 2017


    Almost every one is interested in the new business proposal right from business investors to employees. However, a single business plan cannot do the work of attracting the attention of venture capitalists as well as employees.

    A business entrepreneur of a new business needs to write several business plans to attract different people. There are several versions of business plans to do so from mini plans to full length presentation business plans.

    The full length presentation business plan, which outlines the business proposal as well as the financial outcome of the business, is what most banks and other lending agencies are interested in.

    Banks concentrate most of their attention on the financial strength of the business plans. Although the concept of the new business is important to them, the bottom line is much more significant.

    Venture capitalists and angel investors on the other hand go through scores of business proposals every day. While selecting from a pile of business proposals, they are looking for ones that clearly outline the business plan and make an impression fast.

    Venture capitalists see hundreds of plans in a year, so they take very little time in examining each of these business plans. Therefore to catch the attention of venture capitalists, the business proposal for a new business needs to be cogent and succinct. Entrepreneur should also highlight the impressive backgrounds of the management team.
    Angel investors also go through several business plans in a year and therefore like brevity in the business plan.

    Business plans that need to be presented to potential partners should deal with the ownership structure and clearly spell out matters of control and accountability.

    Business plans that are presented to suppliers of a new business are completely different from the ones that are submitted to venture capitalists. These business plans tend to focus on cash flow of the new business. Suppliers like to make sure that entrepreneurs are able to meet the monthly payments for the supplies.

    Finally, employees like to see business plans that are edited to their understanding. These plans need to show employees in which direction the company is heading and what the future plans for the new business involves.

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