• The Stages of Developing Advertising Strategies

    | blog | April 9, 2017


    Advertising is the most important tool to grow your business. In fact it not only helps your business to grow. Advertisement is necessary also for the establishment of a business. A great advertising strategy reflects a number of things starting from the company’s objective to business consideration, budget to brand development efforts and so on.

    While making an ad you should remember that consumers buy a product because they need it. So your ad must appeal to the rational faculty of a consumer. On the other hand the consumers choose one brand though several brands of the same product category exist in the market. This is dictated by the emotional self of a consumer. The best ad is one which combines both reason and emotion to drive a sale.

    Aim of an Advertisement

    An advertisement has three goals mainly. First of all an advertisement is created to inform the consumers about a company and its products or services. Once the customers have been informed the next aim is to attract customers to stimulate sale. A customer comes to know about you, buy your product or service. Now it is obvious that you want that customer to get back to you. For achieving this purpose you need to remind them over and again about the value they have got with your product or service and this is the third aim of an ad.

    Recognizing the Target Audience

    Before you make an advertisement you should recognize your target audience. Knowing the age group, gender, job, income and hobby is very important for you. The next thing to detect is the consumer’s behaviors and their shopping habits (from whom do they buy). Finally you should concentrate on their needs and desires. If you can determine the consumer need (develop a desire to buy your product) with your products or services half of your work is done.

    Put Yourself in Your Consumer’s Shoe

    Once you identify your target customers put yourself in their shoe to understand what they expect from you. You should develop your product concept the way the consumers want to perceive it. Your product is actually a “bundle of values” as described by Courtland L. Bovee and William F. Arens. Emphasize on the quality the consumers would like to have in your product.

    Advertising Medium

    There are a number of mediums through which you can transmit your message to the customers. You should identify the medium your target audience is exposed to. It can be newspaper ads, popular magazine ads, radio ads, TV ads, Internet ads, banner ads, direct mail and so on. Instead of going for a particular medium you can go for multiple mediums since no one concentrate on a single medium these days.

    Create Unique Advertising Message

    You have crossed all the necessary steps. Now comes the most important part. It is time to create the advertising message that covers your marketing objectives as well as your product or service value. You should focus on the unique features of your products or services. Emphasize the point that will persuade the customers. Your advertising message is a combination of content and visual. Use attractive visual and informative content to win the trust of your customers.


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